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Bourbon Whiskey created from a  passion for the liquid.

Blended and Single Barrel Releases

If you are  the type of person who likes to sip on a great Bourbon or Whiskey, then you  have found the right page. The collection of bourbons and whiskeys that our master distiller has created is something that should not be missed.

Whether you prefer a blend, or a single barrel,  each bottle is crafted with passion  by a team with a love for the liquid.

The Bourbon

Each unique bottle tells it's own story.

  • Kentucky Straight

    • A classic that is perfect for sipping or making a cocktail.

  • Convergence

    • A blend of Wheat, Rye, and Corn, and simply amazing.​​

  • Amarone Wine Barrel Finished Bourbon Whiskey

    • A flavor all of it's own, perfect on ice, straight, or in an Old Fashioned.​

  • Bourbon finished on Brandy Infused French Oak

    • Another  Bourbon that is perfect for sipping, or making into an Old Fashioned. A must have for collectors.​

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