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Cucumber Lemon Gin Cooler

About the Recipe

The Cucumber Lemon Gin Cooler is a refreshing and vibrant cocktail that brings together the botanical richness of Big Storm London Dry Gin with the crispness of muddled cucumber and the bright pop from fresh lemon juice. Lightly topped with club soda, this effervescent beverage is the perfect thirst-quencher for warm days, offering a sophisticated yet easygoing flavor that's sure to impress. Garnished with fresh cucumber and lemon, it's as beautiful as it is delicious. Cheers!


  • 2 oz Big Storm London Dry Gin

  • 1 cucumber (sliced, about 3-4 slices)

  • 1 lemon (freshly squeezed, about 1 oz juice)

  • Club soda (to top)

  • Ice

  • Cucumber slice and lemon wheel (for garnish)


  1. Muddle Cucumbers: In a cocktail shaker, add the cucumber slices and muddle gently until they're crushed and releasing juice. This will infuse your drink with fresh cucumber flavor.

  2. Add Gin and Lemon: Pour 2 oz of Big Storm London Dry Gin into the shaker. Add the freshly squeezed lemon juice for a zesty kick.

  3. Shake: Fill the shaker with ice and shake well for about 15 seconds until the mixture is well-chilled.

  4. Strain: Strain the mixture into a highball or Collins glass filled with ice.

  5. Top Off: Top the drink with club soda to your desired level, usually about 2-3 oz.

  6. Garnish and Serve: Garnish with a slice of cucumber and a lemon wheel. Stir gently and enjoy!

This refreshing drink will be a hit at any gathering. Cheers!

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